1. encosion - Ruby Library for the Brightcove API

    I’m working on a project at work that allows a user to upload videos. We use Brightcove to host and present our video so I wrote a little library for working with their API. It’s called encosion and it’s over at Github . I haven’t completely duplicated the functionality of theirAPI yet since all I needed to do was read and write video, but I encourage others to contribute and add on to the project!

  2. Ruby library for the new Google Analytics API - Gattica

    Just released a new Ruby library on Github called Gattica . Gattica is a gem that lets you talk to the newly released Google Analytics API . Check it out and let me know what you think!

  3. Gasohol library released - easily search a Google Appliance Server with Ruby

    Another release today, this time it’s a small Ruby library for searching a Google Appliance Server called Gasohol . I’ve been working on a prototype search at my job as a full Rails app, but I removed the part that searches and parses results from the GSA and open sourced it.

    As always, check out the readme for usage instructions. I plan to turn this into a gem eventually, but for now you’ll need to pull the files down manually and drop into the rest of your code. More to come!

  4. Radiant extension for searching flickr

    I’ve just released an extension for Radiant CMS which lets you search flickr and returns an unordered list of the thumbnails that match. The extension is listed in the Radiant Extension Registry and is hosted on its own page on Github . Just create a directory in/vendor/extensions called something like flickr and drop the extension in there. Restart Radiant and you’re good to go!

    Check out the README for usage.